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==00 - Add Magic Number==
==01 - Add Magic Number==
Syntax: <code>00 [Magic Number]</code>
Syntax: <code>00 [Magic Number]</code>

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Binary Spiral Templates (BST) are template files that use a set of opcodes to modify files to fit a certain binary format. These are used by Spiral to coerce some format files into being more easily and sanely recogniseable (such as Pak archives).


BST Opcodes
Hex Opcode Name Argument Count Comments
00 Parse Data As 1
01 Add Magic Number 1
02 Iterate Subfiles 0
03 Flush 0
04 Done 0
05 Break 0


01 - Add Magic Number

Syntax: 00 [Magic Number]

Magic Numbers
Hex Opcode Hex Magic Number (LE) Name
00 2E 50 41 4B Pak
FC N/a (Raw Int8)
FD N/a (Raw Int16)
FE N/a (Raw Int32)
FF N/a (Raw Int64)