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Data Table (V3)
Type Data Table
System Vita & Steam
Applicable Titles Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (Vita & Steam)
Credit CaptainSwag101
Default Signedness Unsigned
Default Endianness Little-Endian
Implementation Status 80%

DAT files are a new file type introduced in Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony, they are used both for global lookup tables and to store room objects.

They are comprised of "structures", which are lists of varying data types, called "Vars". Structures are all the same length in any given DAT file. Most data types are fixed-length, but certain special types like "REFER" are actually variable-length UTF-16 strings and are therefore stored after the fixed-length data structures in the file data.


DAT File
Offset Size Data Type Function Example Value Notes
0x00 4 Bytes Int Structure Count 88
0x04 4 Bytes Int Structure Size 40
0x08 4 Bytes Int Var Count 12 (NOTE: The following 2 entries repeat for each Var in VarCount)
0x0C Variable Length UTF-8 String Var Name float1 May be in English or Japanese text, so the string must be treated as UTF-8 and not ASCII
0x0C + (length of previous string + 1) Variable Length UTF-8 String Var Type f32 Always ASCII, but I imagine the string is still UTF-8
After Var Names/Types Variable Length String/Data Data Structures Comprised of each var type listed above, in order. Repeats until StructureCount.