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Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

DR1 Exclusive
This information is only relevant to Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Area IDs
Area ID Area Name Notes
bg_011 Nurse's Office
bg_101 Hope's Peak First Floor

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

DR2 Exclusive
This information is only relevant to Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Area IDs
Area ID Area Name Notes
bg_000 Test Room Unused
bg_001 Beach
bg_002 Airport
bg_003 Rocket Punch Mall
bg_004 Usami Corral (Farm/Ranch)
bg_005 Old Building - (Hallway)
bg_006 Old Building - Dining Hall Before Murder
bg_007 Old Building - Dining Hall After Murder
bg_008 Old Building - Kitchen
bg_009 Old Building - Storage Room
bg_011 Old Building - Office
bg_012 Old Building - Bathroom
bg_019 First Island (Explore 2D)
bg_020 Second Island (Explore 2D)
bg_021 Library
bg_022 Diner (Parking Lot)
bg_023 Diner (Restaurant)
bg_024 Pharmacy
bg_025 Chandler Beach
bg_026 Beach House
bg_028 Beach House - Bathroom
bg_029 Beach House - Closet
bg_030 Ancient Ruins
bg_032 Second Island (Explore 2D)
bg_040 Third Island (Explore 2D)
bg_041 Electric Ave.
bg_042 Movie Theater (Lobby)
bg_043 Movie Theater (Theater)
bg_044 Motel (Outside)
bg_045 Motel Room
bg_046 Titty Typhoon Parking Lot
bg_047 Titty Typhoon
bg_048 Titty Typhoon
bg_053 Titty Typhoon (Staff Room)
bg_054 Titty Typhoon (Staff Room)
bg_055 Hospital Lobby
bg_056 Hospital Hallway
bg_059 Hospital Resting Room This is the one that Fuyuhiko is in.
bg_060 Hospital Resting Room
bg_061 Hospital Resting Room This is the one with Nagito in it.
bg_062 Hospital Resting Room
bg_063 Hospital Resting Room
bg_064 Hospital Meeting Room
bg_070 Forth Island (Explore 2D)
bg_071 Strawberry House
bg_072 Strawberry House - Luxary Room
bg_073 Strawberry House - Luxary Room
bg_074 Strawberry House - Standard Room
bg_075 Strawberry House - Crummy Room
bg_076 Strawberry House - Crummy Room
bg_079 Grape House
bg_080 Grape House - Luxary Room
bg_081 Grape House - Luxary Room
bg_082 Grape House - Standard Room
bg_083 Grape House - Crummy Room
bg_084 Grape House - Crummy Room
bg_086 Monokuma Museum
bg_087 Strawberry House Tower With Robo Nekomaru's Corpse
bg_089 Strawberry House Tower With Robo Nekomaru's Corpse (Also doesn't have any animations)
bg_090 Strawberry House Tower With Class Trial Entrance
bg_091 Grape House Tower With Robo Nekomaru's Corpse
bg_093 Grape House Tower With Robo Nekomaru's Corpse (Also doesn't have any animations)
bg_096 Final Dead Room
bg_097 Final Dead Room Reward
bg_100 Hotel Mirai
bg_101 Hotel Lobby
bg_102 Hotel Restaurant
bg_104 Cottage (Hajime)
bg_105 Cottage (Nagito)
bg_106 Cottage (Gundham)
bg_107 Cottage (Kazuichi)
bg_108 Cottage (Byakuya)
bg_109 Cottage (Teruteru)
bg_110 Cottage (Nekomara)
bg_111 Cottage (Fuyuhiko)
bg_112 Cottage (Akane)
bg_113 Cottage (Chiaki)
bg_114 Cottage (Sonia)
bg_115 Cottage (Hiyoko)
bg_116 Cottage (Mahiru)
bg_117 Cottage (Mikan)
bg_118 Cottage (Ibuki)
bg_119 Cottage (Peko)
bg_120 Hotel Lobby After Explosion
bg_130 Nezumi Castle (Outside)
bg_131 Nezumi Castle (Inside)
bg_132 Train
bg_133 Monomi's House (Exterior)
bg_134 Monomi's House (Interior)
bg_135 Rollercoaster
bg_140 Central Island (Explore 2D) Before Monokuma Rock
bg_141 Central Island (Explore 2D) After Monokuma Rock
bg_142 Jabberwock Park
bg_143 Jabberwock Park
bg_144 Monokuma Rock
bg_145 Monokuma Rock
bg_150 Jabberwock Park Chapter 5 Cutscene(?)
bg_160 Fifth Island (Explore 2D)
bg_161 Military Base
bg_162 Factory Entrance
bg_163 Plushie Factory
bg_164 Plushie Factory With Nagito's bomb.
bg_165 Plushie Factory Break Room
bg_166 Warehouse (Front)
bg_167 Warehouse (Front) After the fire.
bg_168 Warehouse (Back) With Nagito's Corpse
bg_169 Warehouse (Back) With a Dummy Corpse
bg_170 Sea King Industries
bg_171 Vendor Street
bg_172 Warehouse Filled with smoke.
bg_180 Classroom This is the Classroom from the beginning of the game.
bg_200 Class Trial (Chapter 1)
bg_201 Class Trial (Chapter 2)
bg_202 Class Trial (Chapter 3)
bg_203 Class Trial (Chapter 4)
bg_204 Class Trial (Chapter 5)
bg_205 Class Trial (Chapter 6)
bg_206 Class Trial (Chapter 1) (Pre / After Trial)
bg_207 Class Trial (Chapter 2) (Pre / After Trial)
bg_208 Class Trial (Chapter 3) (Pre / After Trial)
bg_209 Class Trial (Chapter 4) (Pre / After Trial)
bg_210 Class Trial (Chapter 5) (Pre / After Trial)
bg_211 Class Trial (Chapter 6) (Pre / After Trial)
bg_220 Class Trial (Chapter 6) Glitched
bg_221 Class Trial (Chapter 6) After AI Junko appears.
bg_222 Class Trial (Game Reset Area)
bg_223 Class Trial (Izuru Area)
bg_250 Twilight Syndrome Classroom
bg_251 Twilight Syndrome Classroom With Dead Girl
bg_252 Twilight Syndrome First Floor
bg_253 Twilight Syndrome Second Floor
bg_254 Twilight Syndrome Second Floor
bg_255 Twilight Syndrome (???)
bg_256 Twilight Syndrome (???)
bg_259 Hope's Peak Academy Hallway - First Floor Kinda Glitched
bg_260 Hope's Peak Academy Hallway - First Floor Glitched
bg_261 Hope's Peak Academy Hallway - Second Floor
bg_262 Hope's Peak Academy Hallway - Third Floor
bg_263 Hope's Peak Academy Hallway - Forth Floor
bg_264 Hope's Peak Academy Hallway - Fith Floor
bg_267 Hope's Peak Academy Hallway - Gym
bg_900 Beach(?) (Early) Unused
bg_901 Beach(?) (Early) Unused
bg_902 Old Building - (Hallway) (Early) Unused
bg_903 (Unknown) Unused
bg_904 First Island (Explore 2D) (Early) Unused
bg_905 Test Room Unused
bg_906 Class Trial (Chapter 6) Duplicate of bg_205, except missing the rotating objects surrounding the trial grounds.